The Castles Project Fun-day, held on 16th September, was universally held to be a great success. Many thanks to all who attended, especially to those of you who dressed in medieval costume for the occasion. The weather stayed fine for most of the afternoon, contributing  to a joyful occasion for the 300-350 people who came.


The Fun-day was held to celebrate and mark the end of two successful seasons of archaeological excavation on the Castle Green, in which we have managed to show that people have occupied the area within the ramparts for at least 2,000 years. 


Programme of Events

12.30  Procession  from Village hall to Castle Green

1.00 Hog-roast to be served with musician entertainment. (A veggie option will be available)  Licenced bar.

1.30  Medieval Falconry

2.00  The Olchon Troubadours.

2.30 The Very Long Bowman

3.00  Tug of War

3.30 Mounted Falconry

4.00 Children's Swordplay and Hobbyhorse Jousting