Oral History

The memories and reminiscences of some of our older residents are being collected in a series of sound recordings often supported by video material.These will show the changes which have occurred in the area within living memory, of the farming practices, social structure, educational services, and the demography and economic basis of our community.The sound recordings will preserve and illustrate much of the old dialect of the area.It is intended to transcribe many of these recordings and publish them in booklet form.

A DVD will also be produced and be available for sale and also deposited in appropriate Record Offices.

A collection of old photographs of the area is also being formed. Some of these may be published on our Archive pages and others will be used for exhibition and display purposes.



The Diamond Jubilee

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Ruth Richardson has put together several pages of reminiscences of  the 1950s taken from both the booklets of memories recored by the Society as well as some memories of her own from those days. Copies of the complete booklets can be obtained from the Society.