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  • Words must be more than three letters long
  • Enter a + (plus sign) before each word that MUST be found e.g. +Longtown
  • Enter a - (minus sign) before each word that must NOT be found e.g. -Thomas
  • Follow a partial word with * (asterisk). This is useful when you are not sure of a year e.g. 184*
  • Group words together with parentheses ( ). This is useful for more complex queries e.g. +Michaelchurch +(Escley Escly Eskley) which will find documents containing the word Michaelchurch and at least one of the alternative spellings of Escley.
  • If you search for a word that we are aware has alternative spellings or meaning, the top of the results page will give you options to view and include the additional words in your search.
  • For names which include hyphens, search as a phrase so that the hypen is not interpreted as 'exclude from search' e.g. "Rhyd-y-Bach"
  • Searches are not case-sensitive.
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